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Ayurvedic PCOD medicine, Ayurvedic medicine for menstrual disorders, Regulates menstrual cycle, Balances female sex hormones, Dysmenorrhea, PCOD.

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Ova-C Med tablets- Ayurvedic PCOD medicine is an excellent herbal formulation for PCOS. It regularizes female sex hormones (Estrogen & Progesterone), Infrequent or prolonged menstrual periods, excess hair growth, acne, obesity, appearance. It helps to reduce the growth of ovarian cysts.

Menstrual irregularity- absence of menstruation, heavy menstruation, infrequent menstruation, irregular menstruation, short and light menstruation, or spotting
Excess hair growth
Skin- acne, oily skin, or skin tag
Weight- obesity, overweight, or weight gain, depression, inappropriate male features, infertility, loss of scalp hair, pot belly, type 2 diabetes, unwanted hair, or irregular uterine bleeding

Each Coated Tablet Contains:

Ashwagandha Ext.
(Withania Somnifera) 10mg
Yerand Mul Ext. (Ricinus Communis) 20mg
Guduchi Ext. (Tinospora Cordifolia) 20mg
Shatavari Ext.
(Asparagus Racemosus) 20mg
Shatpushpa Ext.
(Foeniculum Vulgare) 10mg
Triphala Ext. (Emblica Officinalis,
Terminalia Chebula &
Terminalia Belerica) 50mg
Kumari Ext. (Aloe Barbadensis) 20mg
Haridra Ext. (Curcuma Longa) 10mg
Musta Ext. (Cyperus Rotundus) 20mg
Bharang Mul Ext.
(Clerodandrun Indicum) 10mg
Gokshur Ext. (Tribulus Terrestris) 10mg

Ashwagandha Ext. (Withania Somnifera)
Ashwagandha lowers cortisol levels, restoring other hormones to normalcy and checking free radical damage. As it hikes insulin sensitivity, it lowers fat and the production of testosterone, the hormone disrupting menstrual cycles. Taken with other herbs, it induces ovulation, regularizes periods, and relieves period pain. It works best with a healthy diet and exercise.

Yerand Mul Ext. (Ricinus Communis)
It is one of the best Vata pacifier Ayurveda herbs which also nourish the body. It makes Yerand very useful in Sciatica, Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteo arthritis and gynecological disorders.
Yerand stimulates taste buds and increases appetite, liver stimulant and cholagogu in small quantity.
Yerand in excess amount acts as a purgative.
Yerand in small doses useful in condition like loss of appetite, liver disorders and jaundice which are due to obstruction in balilary passages.
Yerand given in congestive cardiac failure it causes a watery diarrhea.
It is an appetizer, purgative and vermifuge and hence is useful in abdominal diseases.
It acts on rakta dhatu, it reduces pulmonary disorders.
It act as diuretic in diabetes.
It reduces burning and pruritus induced by improper secretion and excretion of bile.
It purifies blood it reduces and palpitations.
It increases the heart strength and blood pressure.
Yashtimadhu Ext. (Glycyrrhiza Glabra)
Powerful anti-oxidant; strengthens immunity, acts as an aphrodisiac; improve hair-growth and relieves stress.

Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) is a particularly potent natural anti-androgen.

Two recent studies examined the androgen lowering effects of Glycyrrhiza Glabra. One showed reduced testosterone in healthy women aged 22–26 years when taken through two menstrual cycles. The women in this study used 7 grams per day and their testosterone reduced from 27.8(±8.2) to 17.5 (±6.4). Another clinical trial investigated the effects of Glycyrrhiza glabra in women with PCOS. Glycyrrhiza glabra 3.5 g per day was added to the anti-androgen pharmaceutical treatment, Spironolactone 100 mg/day over two menstrual cycles. An unwanted side effect for Spironolactone is the flare of androgens during the first phase of treatment. This study demonstrated that women taking Glycyrrhiza glabra along with their Spironolactone had significantly lower concentrations of testosterone during the first four days of treatment than the group of women taking the Spironolactone alone.

Licorice root is also anti-inflammatory and we know that women with PCOS have a strong tendency to have at least slightly swollen tissues, a circumstance that contributes to fertility issues as well as cardiovascular disease risk. It inhibits tumor formation, which is soothing to any of us concerned about our very small risk of endometrial cancer. Licorice supports the adrenal hormone cortisol to last longer in our systems, a great support for those suffering adrenal-related fatigue.  One component called glycyrrhizin activates our liver to remove toxic xenobiotics, those environmental pollutants we know are contributing to our hormonal distress.

Guduchi Ext. (Tinospora Cordifolia)
Guduchi is a powerful anti- inflammatory herb. Chronic inflammation in tissues is the root cause for insulin imbalance and ovarian cysts. Guduchi helps in revitalizing all the body tissues and boosts metabolism naturally. It also helps in lowering insulin resistance.

Shatavari Ext.
(Asparagus Racemosus)
Shatavari helps in promoting normal development of ovarian follicles, regulates menstrual cycle and revitalizes the female reproductive system. Shatavari also helps in combating the hyperinsulinemia- i.e. high levels of insulin, mainly due to its phytoestrogen (natural plant based estrogen).

Shatpushpa Ext. (Foeniculum Vulgare)
Fennel seeds also known as shatapushpa in Sanskrit are a good supplement for PCOS. They are rich source of phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens in fennel helps in reducing insulin resistance and in bringing down the inflammation in PCOS. Phytoestrogens are also believed to help reduce the cellular imbalance which leads to metabolic disturbances in PCOS.

Triphala Ext. (Emblica Officinalis, Terminalia Chebula & Terminalia Belerica)
A mixture of three fruits- Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) and Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellerica) blended in it; Triphala is one of the most popular Ayurvedic classical formulations! It is a rich source of vitamin C- a powerful natural antioxidant that helps in reducing inflammation by scavenging free radicals. Triphala helps in cleansing and detoxifying your system and hence is best taken prior to taking any other Ayurvedic medicines.

Kumari Ext. (Aloe Barbadensis)
Aloe vera is yet another Ayurvedic herb that is extremely beneficial in treating PCOS. It helps in regularizing the menstrual cycles, promotes normal mestruation and normalizes ovarian hormonal imbalance.

Haridra Ext. (Curcuma Longa)
Haridra is katu and tikta in taste. It is ushna in quality. It is rooksha in property. It acts against vitiated kapha and pitta dosha. It is helpful in improving and strengthening complexion. Haridra is useful in skin diseases, diabetes, oedema, anaemia and wound healing.

Analogues of curcumin (active ingredient of C. longa) were studied as potential drugs to treat prostate cancer. These curcumin compounds were tested for cytotoxicity against human cancer cell lines (their ability to kill cancer cells). Along with this the “anti-androgenic” (against androgen – male hormone) activity was also evaluated. Ten compounds out of forty were found to have potent cytotoxicity against prostate cancer cells and potent anti-androgenic activity.

Anti-androgenic activity is also important in females in whom androgen activity has gone higher. For example – conditions such as PCOS demonstrate high androgen levels in the female body. C. longa can certainly be useful in restoring normal levels and thus controlling PCOS.

Musta Ext. (Cyperus Rotundus)
Regulates menstrual bleeding; alleviates prementrual syndrome.

The roots on oral intake have action on plasma, blood, muscle, and nerves. It mainly affects digestive, circulatory, female reproductive system. Achrya Charak and Sushrut used Motha in diarrhea, dysentery, digestive disorders, vaginal and uterine diseases.

Carminative, astringent, anti-inflammatory, antirheumatic, hepatoprotective, diuretic, antipyretic, analgesic, hypotensive, emmenagogue and nervine tonic. Used for intestinal problems, indigestion, sprue, diarrhoea, dysentery, vomiting and fever; also as a hypocholesterolaemic drug and in obesity.

Bharang Mul Ext. (Clerodandrun Indicum)
It is claimed to be useful in treating pain, inflammation, rheumatism, respiratory diseases and malarial fever. Owing to its importance in traditional medicine the plant was investigated for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic and hepatoprotective properties. Ethanolic extract of the root is reported for antinociceptive, anti inflammatory ans anti pyretic activities. Bharangi is bitter, pungent and astringent in taste. It is useful in asthma, cough, fever, worms, burning sensation of the body and wounds. Scientific studies suggest that apigenin-7-glucoside has demonstrated anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, hepatoprotective and anti-diarrheal properties.

It is an appetizer, laxative, hence is beneficial in anorexia, tumours and distaste. The decoction of bharangi root is extremely effective in edema over body. The plant works well as a blood purifier.

Gokshur Ext. (Tribulus Terrestris)
Increase in sex hormone production in both men and women.
Increase in serum follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and estradiol in women.
Increase in luteinizing hormone (LH) and testosterone in men.
Improvement in sexual desire in both men and women.
Overall fertility tonic for the male and female reproductive systems.
May help to normalize ovulation in women with anovulatory infertility when used prior to ovulation.
Increase in sperm count, motility, and health.
Decrease in the effects of antisperm antibodies.
Protective to liver health; raises glutathione (strong antioxidant) levels which are important to cellular health and immunity.
It helps to increase rate of spontaneous ovulation.
Significantly improves the environment of the uterus, preparing it for implantation.
It increases the likelihood of a healthy conception.
It helps to decrease the potential for miscarriage.
1 to 2 tablets thrice a day or as directed by the physician

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Ayurvedic PCOD medicine

Ayurvedic PCOD medicine, Ayurvedic medicine for menstrual disorders, Regulates menstrual cycle, Balances female sex hormones, Dysmenorrhea, PCOD


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